Gerhard Fernbach   Teammanager 


The big inspiarator and founder of the r.s.p. 4X Team.

Dedicated to 4 Cross and Freeride. Gets things done.

Maria Fernbach    Ass. Teammanager 


Caregiver - To be found on the finishline or in the teampit.

She makes sure that the riders are well prepared. 

Stefan Fernbach   Team & Tech Support


Our man for Tech and Team Support
Which you can always rely, even when things get tight.

Fabian Kluhs   Filmmaker


Put  his signature to all r.s.p. Podcasts.

World Cup Videos that Shows what r.s.p. is about.



Jason Davies   Mechanic


Our first mechanic  (since 2009)

Busy early in the morning and late in the evening.

Makes sure that the bikes " works".


   Martin Libich    Mechanic


Our 2 nd mechanic  (2011-2013)

Calm and technically adept, he cares  the bikes of our riders.

   Tomas Woosa Vosyka   Mechanic (since 2013)


Our 3nd mechanic

Works since 2016  at our bike outfitter GHOST