Mr.G 14.10.2016

Results 2016


4X World Pro Tour 2016 (Weltcup)


1. Tomas Slavik   

2. Felix Beckeman 

Winterberg (D):

1. Tomas Slavik   

2. Felix Beckeman 

Ft. William (Scotland)

1. Tomas Slavik   

4. Felix Beckeman 

JBC   (CZ):

1. Tomas Slavik   

9. Felix Beckeman 

Roquebrune (F):

1. Tomas Slavik   

2. Felix Beckeman 


Downmall Race Tour 2016:



 1. Tomas Slavik    ARBÖ rsp 4X Team


City Downhill Worldtour 2016:

 Bratislava (SK)

 2. Tomas Slavik   

 (last Race  5. November 2016  in Mexico)


Crankworx Worldtour 2016:


 1. Tomas Slavik   

 Rotoura (NZL):

 1. Tomas Slavik   

 Whistler  (CAN):

 1. Tomas Slavik   






Mr.G 04.06.2016

Podium 4X Protour Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup



1. Tomas Slavik (RSP mountainbike team / GHOST Bikes)
2. Quentin Derbier 4X Racing
3. Scott 'Boom Boom' Beaumont
4. Felix Beckeman (RSP mountainbike team / GHOST Bikes)

                                               Mr.G. / 06.01.2016

Felix January Update !


Hello guys, January is finally here and so also are a new healthy season!


I will start of with saying this: Happy new year! I'm so glad 2015 is behind me. Last year was my hardest year in my life so far. Faced one horrible crash which left me of a high fall from a rooftop (with my bike) almost 7m down. And later in to the season a shoulder surgery. It was mentally very tough so no one except me could be happier to se a new season/year coming in!


As usual, season begins with indoor "show" races in shoppingmalls around in Europe. I will compete three races this year. Starting off next week 16th of January in Frankfurt. The following week in Berlin and then I will have a break, flying back to Sweden and prepare for the last and biggest race in Prague in the late February. This events has always been very popular, and tons of media in local TV´s etc. To top this off, I will stay during the first two weeks in Czech Republic with my Team mate Tomas Slavik and we will have a training camp during this time to make the most we can of the opportunity. 


After the last shoppingmall race in Prague, I will be flying home for a few days, and then leave for 1,5 week training camp in Barcelona. I've spent my last three years at this place, and it's just perfect for all kind of riding but more on that later.. The fokus is now first two races of the season and do what I can best, racing my bike!


I will send you guys and update after the first races in Germany, inc photos for your media.


Don´t forget to follow me on instagram as: felixbeckeman 


Thank you and best regards/ Felix Beckeman #91

Mr. G. /21.12.2016

Thomas and Felix will participate at the Downmall 2016 series.

Here are the dates:

1 – Hannover, Ernst August Galerie – 16.01.2016

2 – Berlin, Eastgate – 23.01.2016

3 – Frankfurt, My Zeil – 30.01.2016

4 – Budapest, Árkád – 06.02.2016

5 – Bratislava, Central – 13.02.2016

                                            6 – Prag, Arkády Pankrác – 20.02.2016